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The collection

Food culture in art
For centuries over time, food and art have always been intertwine. In classic times, many artists chose to express themselves by painting food, as food added more colors to their palettes and textures to their piece, emphasizing the artist’s intentions and interpretations to religion, culture, politics and pleasures. 

As globalization grew, different parts of the world opened up to new foreign cultures, new combinations of texture, colors and taste. ‘Foodies’ communities emerged while the millennials across the world continue to create new aesthetic standards with jaw-dropping photos they immediately upload to social media, thus creating new trends with every passing day.



Artists collaboration 1/1 collection.

Collection subject: "Street Candy/Food”

135 artworks will be picked by the gallery curator team.

Our gallery team will represent, promote and mint the chosen artworks on different social media platforms as well as on Opensea.

All royalties from this collection will go to a community wallet to support the participating artists’ personal NFTs.



First, create your original "Street food & sweets" artwork.
Your piece doesn’t have to be of one specific media, it can be in a any media you chose, such as paintings, photography, Illustration, collage, digital artwork, animation, video, or 3D object, as long as it can be a digital asset.


Artwork file requirement:

*The artwork must be related to the subject (Street Candy / Food) and an original creation that is owned by you.

*Recommended files: jpg, png, MP4, gif, obj

*Use high quality files, up to 10M.


Each artist can submit up to 5 different artworks.

Submit your art by clicking the submission button or to


Your email should contain:

* Artwork file

* Artwork description and name

* Full name or nickname of the artist

* Short bio

* Social media links and websites

* ETH Wallet address


  • how can i join?
    create your artwork according to the main subject. it can be video, image, gif, 3d original creations only. you can send up to 5 files (artworks) add your name and short artist bio add your artworks names and short description send your art to apply before 22.02.22 your email should contain: *Full artist name *Short bio *Social media links, website *Wallet address Artwork file required: *Artwork must be related to the subject. Street food/candy *Use High quality files. Jpg, PNG, MP4 gif (up to 10M) *Artwork description and name *Send the file via Email
  • Who is picking the artworks?
    Our gallery team of curators leading by Irit Hayon will pick the artworks from each artist.
  • What artists will get when they sell? *artist submit
    * Participate artists will get 60% from first sell.( -2.5% opensea) * all royalties will go to an artist community wallet! just to invest in the participating artists personal collections. being part of an artists collective. * My artwork is original, and I will not sell it In another platform as an nft file. * By joining the project I agree to these terms
  • anyone can join?
    yes! anyone can apply. but, not all artists and artworks will be in our gallery. the curators will pick their favorite ones, sorry in advance.
  • When will the “yummy art” collection be available to the public?
    We will create promotions on social media to the chosen artists before the first public reveal. The first collection reveal will be on 01/03/22 on opensea (not for sale yet) and social media. pre sale- 03/03/22 (discord) public sale- 06/03/22


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