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1 of 135 Gallery - NFT


Gallery 1of135 for digital and original hand-made artworks, was established in 2015 in Tel Aviv. At the gallery we represent artists who creates high quality art prints and original hand-made, one of a kind artworks.

Our passion is to create new looks for empty walls & to make the perfect atmosphere for public and private spaces. We have vast experience in international art fairs, collaborations with interior designers, architects and collectors.

We are always happy to make new collaborations.


We are proudly announcing 1of135 Gallery is joining the Metaverse with unique NFT collection. All originally created and verified by our artists and gallery team. We want to be part of your digital world, by delivering daily digital art treasures which integrates with the physical world.

Usually we reproduces our artworks in limited editions of 135 copies worldwide, the same will be in our NFT collection - limited editions of 135 copies per NFT artwork.

Some rare and unique NFT artworks will be available soon on pre-sale and on upcoming surprises. The NFT you will purchase are carefully selected and has a great artistic value.

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05.2015 Gallery 1of135 was established


01.2022 - First minting - Gold 24K series


02.2022 - Minting - Yummy collection - Artist & Curator       


04.2022 - Future minting - A leading gallery's artists

the team


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Irit Hayon
  Curator, Artist, Designer


Tal Ido
Maker, Digital Expert


Tal Viderman
Surfer, Artist, Social

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Gallery Team
Programmers, Artists


  • discord223
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